The Report for the 4th Academic Year, 2018-19 was presented by Principal, Mrs. Kusum Chaudhry as per the following details:

01.NameNVN School

Village: Bhiduki,

Teh.: Hodal

Distt.: Palwal

02.Postal AddressVillage & Post Office  BHIDUKI

Hodal – Hasanpur Road

PIN: 121107
04.Phone9466985670,  7027011670
05.Affiliation StatusAffiliated to Secondary level with the CBSE Board, Delhi
06.Period of AffiliationUpto Year 2020

07.  Details of Infrastructure :

 The NVN School is spread over 4 acres of land amidst lush green outfield and well connected through good quality roads.  It has a total number of 34 Class rooms and state of art infrastructure facilities in terms of Laboratories and Library have been built up in the School.  Facilities for digital teaching have also been created.  The school provides plenty of sports facilities with adequate playgrounds for football, cricket, handball, basketball and athletics.   The school has a concrete basketball court, volleyball court, kho-kho track and a badminton court.  The school is eco-friendly with more than 300 trees planted alongside the entire boundary of the school.  A big green lawn has been created with the objective of allowing the pre-primary and primary kids to enjoy outdoor activities in an eco-friendly manner without any chance of hurting themselves while playing.

The school also provides facilities for separate activity rooms for the kids of primary and pre-primary sections and also  a separate room where interactive activities can be done such as quiz competition, debate, discussion in addition to the watching of good quality movies that can inspire students both in terms of “builders of modern India” as well as inculcating scientific temper.

08.  Academics: 2018-19 was an excellent academic year for NVN School and it was the 2nd year when students of NVN School appeared in the CBSE Board Examinations.  The result of the students was extremely satisfying with total more than 30 scores in different subjects of more than 90% and 4 students securing  95% + in mathematics.

Innovative Educational techniques were adopted by a suitable blend of digital technology with conventional teaching methods.


09.  Extra-Curricular Activities:     Further, the school has been creating openings for the students to venture out an get exposed to the world of quality learning by giving them opportunities for participating in the debate, quiz competitions, organizing seminars/workshops for students, asking students to participate in the National Science Olympiads Foundation Tests and similar such opportunities that could open their budging minds to the plethora of learning opportunities available in addition to the academic learnings.  The host of activities were carried out in the various sectors as outlined below :

10. Sports Achievements: It is indeed said and intriguing to note that a substantial number of schools that we see around us these days do not even have sufficient space/infrastructure for sports facilities. The reasons are not difficult to find with ever-increasing real estate prices and the corresponding increase in the cost of education, it is increasingly becoming difficult for schools to create sports facilities or invest in infrastructure for sports activities.

However, right from day one NVN School is conscious of the fact that a childhood without sports can have serious repercussions in terms of adverse impact on the personality development of a child.

 10 (i)  Sports Meet: The 4th Annual Sports Meet was organized over a period of 3 days with competition from the pre-primary, primary and in-house competition on 23rd December 2018, competitions for middle, secondary and in-house competitions on 22nd December 2018 and finals and prize distribution on 24th December 2018.  Ms. Amisha Chaudhry – Mrs. South Asia India, 2017 and Ms. United Nations, 2017 graced the occasion as Chief Guest.

10(ii)    Participation in District level Volleyball Championship: The Boys and Girls Volleyball team gave a wonderful performance wherein the Girls’ team bagged 2nd position and Boys’ team bagged 3rd position at the district level in the National Students Game 2018 held in KCM World School, Banchari.  The games were jointly organized by Students Games Federation, India and Worlds Students Games Federation, Canada.

10 (iii)    Focus on YOGA / Tai Kwando: School continue to focus on YOGA and Tie Commando with regular practice and exercises and special YOGA sessions conducted by Yoga expert, Mr. Tejvir Singh.

11. Focus on English Conversation: The school is conscious of the fact that one of the biggest handicap that students from rural areas face is a relative lack of command over the language. To facilitate the students from rural areas to have good communication skills, NVN School has made special efforts with English interaction classes and providing such an atmosphere where students, right from a small age, are given a congenial learning atmosphere wherein they can converse in English.  Recognizing the fact that students in rural schools do not have access to good quality English interaction, English interaction classes were regularly held in all the classes wherein Mr. Rajinder Chaudhry, Director, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting was kind enough to give his services on an honorary basis to instill confidence amongst our students that they can also easily speak English. Further, the school has been creating openings for the students to venture out an get exposed to the world of quality learning by giving them opportunities for participating in the debate, quiz competitions, organizing seminars/workshops for students, asking students to participate in the National Science Olympiads Foundation Tests and similar such opportunities that could open their budging minds to the plethora of learning opportunities available in addition to the academic learnings.

12. Participation in Seminars: Principal of the School, Mrs. Kusum Chaudhry and Coordinator Ms. Meena participated in the seminar in the India International Education Campaign on February 20, 2019, in New Delhi.

13. Fire Safety Drill: A mock Fire Safety Drill was carried in the School under the supervision of District Fire officials with the primary objective of teaching and training teachers, students and staff members in the basic steps required for operating fire extinguishers in any eventuality of sudden fire.

14. Addition of New Facilities: As part of its endeavour to continuously upgrade its facilities more computers were added and new swings were purchased for the primary and pre-primary kids. Addition of Classrooms: Keeping in view its continuous requirement of extension 5 more classrooms were constructed and made operational during the academic year. Basketball Court: A Basketball Court was constructed which is the best Basketball Court in the entire Hodal-Hassanpur region.  Opening of New Canteen: A brand new canteen with much better facilities and provision of eatables that would provide healthy supplements to the students was  opened in the month of March 2019.

15. Environmental Education: “Back to Basics” is the Moto which has guided NVN School in all its actions and operations.  The overall objective has been that quality schools should be made available near the birth place of a child even if he is in rural or remote areas so that he is not forced to commute to urban centers in pursuit of education.  Simultaneously,  the whole ambience of the school has been managed in a manner that it is in the sink with the green environment all around and thus our students could enjoy the studies in an ecological eco-friendly atmosphere and be spared of the agonies of growing up in an atmosphere which has concrete all around.

In accordance with the spirit, a lot of activities are organized for fostering environmental education.

16. Innovations: To achieve better learning outcomes NVN School has tried to do innovations by creating such teaching methodology which may not require additional financial resources but can enable the students to learn without needing expensive technology tools.  To achieve this students have been encouraged to participate in such activities that facilitate learning outcomes without needing heavy investment n technology tools. They are, therefore, sent on eco-friendly tours to the nearby agriculture fields to understand the application of scientific principles for solutions of day to day problems.  For improving their capability at English interaction book reading sessions and book discussion sessions are held.  The use of equipment in laboratories enables them to understand science principles in a practical and easy to understand manner.

17.  Overall Results: Having been established 4 years back, the school was initially affiliated till the Middle standard and then upgraded till Secondary level in the year 2017.  The Board exam now going to be held in March 2019 will be the first real exam for the students wherein they will be evaluated against a National level competition.  So far the performance of the students has been very good but they have never gone for any kind of competition be it Science Olympiad Foundation or District level quiz competitions.

The satisfaction with the school performance can be judged from the fact that within a period of 4 years parents from more than 28 villages have reposed their trust in the abilities of the school and the student’s strength has tripled in the 4th year itself compared to the initial strength in the first year.

18.  PTM Activities: Parent-Teacher meetings have been organized every month which enables interaction between the parents and the teachers and they are able to get ongoing feedback about the performance of their wards.  Parent-Teacher interaction was regularly held in the school wherein it was made a practice for a PTM every 2nd Saturday.   Some of the important decisions taken in the PTA are as below :

19.  Important SMC Decisions: The School Management Committee holds its meeting from time to time as and when required to deliberate on the various policy issues and all such matters that needed discussion and approval by the SMC.  Some of the important decisions taken are as below:

20. Focus on Cultural Development: Students of NVN School in pre-primary and primary segments were regularly given practice in a recital of Sanskrit Slokas every morning as part of their morning assembly. A number of other cultural activities were also involved during the Year under Report, brief details of the same is as below:

i) Annual Function: The Annual Day Function of School was held on 3rd February 2019 wherein once again our students gave a wonderful performance in different streams under the overall theme of Jhankaar.

ii) Trip to Tourist Location: A trip was organized for the pre-primary kids of the school to the famous Haryana Tourism Destination “Dabchick” in Hodal on 8th December 2018.

iii)   Celebration of “Yellow Day”: NVN School kids celebrated a “Yellow Day” with multiple activities that included a special learning, Yellow colour food, Yellow Balloons, Painting Competition and much more on 1st December 2018.

iv) Celebration of Baldivas: On 14th November 2018 Bal Divas was celebrated where students enjoyed a number of sports activities across various age groups.

v) Diwali Festivities: Diwali festivities were organized in school with attractive rangoli, Diwali gifts and beautiful decoration all around.

vi) Save Environment Rally: Students of the NVN School took out an Environment Awareness Rally in the village of Bhiduki on 3rd November 2018.

vii) English Recitation Competition: English recitation competition was organized for the KG students of NVN School on 26th October 2018.

viii) Hawan: The Aryan Sabha organized Hawan for the students and staff of NVN School in the 4th week of September 2018.  Their representative gave lessons in Vedic learning and also gave a demonstration of Yoga Asanas that could be used by students on a daily basis to improve their proficiency in Yoga.

ix) Green Day: The pre-primary kids celebrated the “Green Day” on 23rd  September 2018.  The objective of celebrating Green Day was to make students aware of the importance of environment conservation.

x) Participation in official Independence Day Function in Hodal: NVN School presented the patriotic song “India Jai Ho” during the official Independence Day Function organized by the district administration in Hodal.

xi) Cooking without Fire: Cookery Enthusiast –  “Cooking without Fire Activity” was organized on 2nd May 2018.

xii) “Yellow Day” on Baisakhi: It was fun as well as activity orientation for the NVN School kids.  Baisakhi was celebrated as “Yellow Day” in the school.

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