NVN School is located on the Hodal Hassanpur Road,Village Bhiduki District Palwal – Haryana. It is located in the middle of lush green agriculture fields and with direct access to Hodal-Hassanpur main road. The spacious campus of NVN evokes peace, tranquility and symbolizes synergy with Mother Nature.  Immediately on reaching the school, there is every likelihood of developing a liking  for the school,since it is an ideal ambience for the noble cause of pursuing education.

School Building – Aesthetic design with spacious classrooms, spacious verandah and ample space for all the associated facilities required in a good quality school.  The school building provides an energetic ambience.  The ease of access from both sides through well designed roads and the classy look of the school building evoke positive feeling at the very first sight.

Classrooms – classrooms are spacious with double door and four windows with good quality cupboards,quality writing boards, excellent lighting and ventilation.

The specifications not only matches the guidelines of CBSE but in several aspects are a notchhigher.

Generator/Alternative Power Source –  Being a school in the rural area, the electricity supply is not regular.  To ensure that the students do not suffer because of lack of electricity, we have provided two generators (DG Sets) to ensure un-interrupted power supply to the class rooms, libraries and laboratories etc.

NVN School has also been a pioneer as regards to the new initiative of Solar Power.  We were amongst the first schools who have put up a Solar Power Set up which enables the school to enjoy eco-friendly and non-polluting source of electricity for major part of the year.

Computer Lab – The world of science and technology is changing fast with new technologies replacing the older ones in quick time.  To ensure that our students are exposedto the latest skills and technologies a well-equipped Computer lab with around 20 computers and having all the office tools as well as education software has been provided.

Science Laboratories – Well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology facilitates the students to learn through practicals, application of theory in practice, observing the processes and the results and developing skills of observing, comparing, predicting, testing, communicating and recording.

Library – A well-equipped library with variety of books on different genres is essential for inculcating habits of reading and initiate a process of proper thinking that is highly desirable for the development of a sound and logical mind.  NVN School has a spacious library that is well stocked with a large number of well selected reference books, biographies, books on art & culture, history of India, freedom struggle as well as compilation of speeches of our great leaders.

Since the current year, 2019, is being celebrated world over to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Gandhiji, special care has been put to provide lots of books on Gandhiji so that our students are made aware of the life and teachings of Gandhiji.

Activity Room and Education Toys– NVN School is of the view that while imparting education through the traditional modes is essential, education should be supplemented through suitable play way methods wherein student, particularly in the pre-primary and primary segments are imparted important life skills through the gamut of activities for which education toys have been made available for the junior classes.  Similar teaching aids have been made available for the primary wing of the school.

Play Ground – Childhood is incomplete if a child does not get adequate opportunity to enjoy sports in various disciplines.  NVN School gives high priority to providing facilities to its students for enjoying sports  in various disciplines with total area of around 4.5 acres.  The school has spared/provided space of around 3.5 acres for playgrounds.  The front green lawns provide wonderful ambience and facilitates for pre-primary and primary kids to indulge in various sports of their choice.  The playground on the back of the building, measuring around 2 acres, provide facilities for football, kho-kho, handball, cricket, athletics and badminton.

Another sport complex on the side of main building has made arrangements for a well-equipped basket ball court which is one of its kind in the area and very few schools out of more than 100 schools in the radius of 15 Kms has an actual basket ball court.

While providing facilities for modern sports such as football, cricket, basket ball, volley ball, badminton, school has taken care to ensure that its students that are primarily from rural belt also have facility for kabaddi which has been a traditional game of strength for a State like Haryana and which also enables our rural students to remain grounded as they understand and imbibe the spirit of physical work which enables them to love farming as a profession.

First Aid:

The School is manned by qualified staff to provide immediate First Aid during school hours as well as hostel students. Major observation if any are communicated to the parents.

The school has magnificent school building with sufficient number of rooms required for teaching activities and co-curricular activities, well-maintained office and proper communication system.

Earthquake proof and airy classrooms are having proper sitting arrangements with firefighting arrangements and proper electricity.

The Facility details are as under:

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